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A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little brother, Karl. :D My food buddy and protector to the people who are belittling me. Time really flies so fast haaay. Teen ka na uuuuuy. I wish you good health despite of your eating habits, and more blessings to come. We may be experiencing difficult times now but just hang in there coz I know with the help of God we’ll make it through. Bawas bawasan ang pagkakalat sa loob ng bahay. Baka magka ahas na. LoveU bunso! Just continue studying hard para maging registered pharmacist ka like what you’ve always dreamed of. At para maging chef ka na din, ang newly-discovered na profession na gusto mo. Hihi. We will support u all the way. :) Love, Ate Kay 💖💖💖
Just passed by the stall of this nailpolish collection. #mattemagic #girlstuff
Brothers and cousins. So muuuuchoooo. :)
Sunrays. It feels like there will ba an angel coming down any moment. #worldsbeauty #Godsmasterpiece
Temporary insanity. Hihi. #thepoutisback #yellownails
I’ve been a call girl once. No, twice.  :p #tbt #companyIDs #hgs #nco
One of the best ceasar salad I’ve tasted. (at S&R Membership Shopping)
Gonna start shredding these pounds off. Thank uuu @pounds_shredder :) #hcgdiet
Number 5. Hahaha.